The Ultimate Game Of "F#@K, Marry, Kill": TV 2014 Edition

    How will you decide between hot but terrible presidents, Orphan Black clones, and Litchfield inmates? The choices are yours and yours alone.

    1. Dudes who like dudes but whose hotness is undeniable to all genders and orientations

    2. Sexy inmates of Litchfield that could handcuff us anytime

    3. Assholes with serious family issues

    4. Not-so-plain Janes

    5. The shirt-hating boyfriends of Pretty Little Liars

    6. Twentysomething women trying to find themselves (and getting pixie cuts)

    7. Smoldering silver foxes who leave us thirsty

    8. The leading ladies of ShondaLand who always have shit handled

    9. Bloodsucking guys who look great in tank tops

    10. The only clones that matter on Orphan Black

    11. Smart guys who may seem mushy, but have secret pecs of steel

    12. The badass muthas of Game of Thrones

    13. Filthy but sexy men from the days of britches

    14. Your basic bitches

    15. The POTUSes with the mostestes

    16. Just your oft-bespectacled girls next door

    17. Because the white patriarchy just won't quit

    18. Lady sleuths who are totally boss