23 Tweets That'll Prove The Philippines Is So Ready For Pokémon Go

    "Pokemon Go is now available in the Philippines. CHAR(mander)!"

    It's been almost a month since Pokémon Go was released and started making childhood dreams come true.

    1. But not every country was #blessed to have the app immediately available. Like the Philippines.

    Kelan kaba magiging available sa PH Pokemon Go? 😭

    2. Of course, Filipino Pokémon trainers are shattered.

    Me while waiting for Pokémon GO to launch in the Philippines.

    3. We get that feeling of being left out.

    @NianticLabs @PokemonGoApp we are still waiting for the release of #PokemonGO in the Philippines.#WeWantPokemonGoPH


    4. Social media is not a safe place for our feelings anymore.

    @TotallyToastie Pokemon GO is not out in the Philippines yet so...

    5. So we just make the most of what we have. Like listening to the Pokémon theme song on Spotify.

    When d people in d Philippines is so hype 4 Pokémon Go but d game s still not out so they just listen 2 d theme song

    6. Or coming up with conspiracy theories.

    The real reason kung bakit wala pa ring Pokemon Go sa Pilipinas

    7. And playing other games that feature characters who DON'T EVEN LOOK REMOTELY LIKE CHARMANDER.

    😐 Yeah Philippines doesn't have Pokémon and I currently have no Internet

    8. Filipinos are waiting. EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. DAY.

    My search engines ... Pokémon Go shall be released here in Philippines. RIGHT NOW 😇😇😇😇😇

    9. And we want you to know that our patience is *slightly* wearing thin.

    is Pokemon Go available in the Philippines stay tuned to all the sites that will try and trick you into thinking it is today

    10. So just please don't fucking play with our feelings anymore!

    Ayoko na umasa. Zzzzzz. https://t.co/S5GEiUo9H6


    When Pokémon Go finally hits the Philippines

    12. We've waited long enough, like how we waited for the Togepi egg to hatch on the anime.

    27 days and still no Pokemon GO in the Philippines.

    13. How long do you expect us to sit and wait, clenching our firsts around our empty Pokéballs??????

    Me and my wife when Pokémon Go is officially released in the Philippines............... Year 2091

    14. This is an emergency. Lifelong dreams are being crushed.

    why isn't the philippines allowing me to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a real life pokemon trainer? :(((

    15. I mean, if there's one good outcome from depriving us of happiness, it's that it made us more creative.

    Pokemon Go Philippines v.99.0 😂😂 Credits

    16. But for the most part, it's making us a bit delusional.

    Pokémon Go's finally working in the Philippines! Not sure if a Spearow or a Pidgey. #EasyCatch #PokemonGo

    17. Like, seriously. HELP US.

    Everyone has Pokemon Go, and all I have are these dang Pikachus in my room. :( #pokemongo #philippines


    The only thing I'm complaining about in the Philippines is the fact that I can't play Pokemon GO.

    19. It's a national crisis and should be addressed immediately.

    The Philippines has bigger problems Like when are we getting Pokemon Go for real

    20. This is madness. MADNESS, I TELL YOU!

    When you are playing Pokemon Go in the philippines.. Where are all the pokemons ?? 😲😂

    21. We can't afford to wake up to another Pokémon-less morning.

    22. Just tell us what we need to do so Pokémon Go can finally be released in the Philippines, and we'll do it.

    developers: why do you think we should officially release pokemon go in the philippines me:

    23. And we promise you won't regret ever giving the Filipinos what they deserve.

    Me once Pokemon Go gets released in the Philippines na. (c) @xenayot