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50 Lee Pace GIFs That Will Make You Believe In Love Again

50 isn't nearly enough. But it will have to do.

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1. As we all know, Lee Pace was recently Thranduil, and it was fabulous.

2. He even rode a moose! I mean come on!!

3. But you might have forgotten how exquisite he is without the blonde wig, which makes him sad.

4. He's disappointed in you.

5. Like very disappointed in the cutest way possible.

6. But that's okay because you're about to review how perfect he has always been.

Let's get started shall we?

7. This time when he smiled all bashful-like and was perfect.

8. This time he was perfect but shy about it.

9. This time he was slightly less bashful but still like, "Guys come on I'm not that amazing am I?"

10. Yes. Yes you are, Lee!

11. You're super amazing actually.

12. You're even cool in this hat.

Yes that is a pie on your head, Lee.

13. You're even cool when you give side-eye to a strawberry.

Lee: "Are you sure?"

The World: "We're like really positive, Lee."

14. You're even cool doing this spin/wink/okay maneuver.

15. You're even cool dressed like this.

16. You're also cool celebrating what an excellent sweater choice you made.

17. You're also cool with this mug.

18. And with this smile.

19. And eating this.

"Will this make me fat? What am I thinking! I'm perfect always!"

20. And when you're trying to murder our hearts with your beauty.

21. And when you were in the same room as this woman and we all wished it was us.

22. And this time you had a very important question.

And the answer was probably anyone, Lee. Probably anyone.

23. And this time you were confused.

So have we, Lee. So have we.

24. And that time you stared sweetly at someone and we wished it was our soul you were piercing with your eyes.

25. And this time you held hands with someone through a wall and it was the perfect metaphor for how separated we are from you as well.

26. You might be wondering if we're done staring at your face yet.

27. We're not.

28. That was silly of you to even think about.

29. Definitely not done.

30. So put your sunglasses away so we can see your whole face.

31. We still need to appreciate that time you scratched your head.

32. And the time you were surrounded by flowers which were definitely all for us.

33. And the time you were surrounded by presents which were also all for us.

34. And the time you were a father.

The other kind of father, high-five.

35. And when you were a vampire and our eyes were just as bloodshot as yours from weeping tears of desire.

36. And when you hung out with a dog.

37. And looked at this book.

38. And when you hung out with this small child who also appreciated your magnificence.

39. And when you even let her poke your nose.

40. And when we all wondered why you weren't holding our face.

41. And when you were cold — or dancing — or we don't really care. It was just cute.

42. When you blew stardust you kept from when you fell from heaven into our faces and we were like, "Is this real life?"

43. When you ate this apple and the apple finally understood its purpose in life.

44. When you were tired of us looking at your face and told us to get out.

45. But we couldn't because you were playing this piano and singing to us.

46. And you knocked out this guy who was bothering us while impeccably dressed.

47. And then you said this.

We don't know how to sing, but we're sure as heck gonna try.

48. And then we got so desperate you hugged us out of kindness.

49. And then you were gonna kiss us... but we passed out first and had to leave.

50. So cheers to you, Lee Pace. Cheers to you.

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