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21 Secrets All Anxious People Know To Be True

Don't say it will "all be OK," because that just makes it definitely NOT OK.

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Everyone experiences anxiety differently, but whether you have an anxiety disorder or just overthink everything, you're probably in on some of these secrets...

1. When you're home and hear a noise, any noise, you know that someone has broken in and is ready to murder you.

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That's why you keep the old knife by the bed! ...wait, what if they get to the knife first?!


4. If someone says they're not feeling well, you automatically realize that you too aren't feeling well.

If they're sick and standing near me, then surely I've caught it by now. Likely the plague.


9. And when you text someone and they don't immediately text back, you assume they hate you.

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Well, now I have to think about what I did to ruin our friendship for the next million years.

10. When you need to be somewhere on time you get there about 20 minutes early, because you map everything out and add a big cushion in case something goes wrong.



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