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    21 Secrets All Anxious People Know To Be True

    Don't say it will "all be OK," because that just makes it definitely NOT OK.

    Everyone experiences anxiety differently, but whether you have an anxiety disorder or just overthink everything, you're probably in on some of these secrets...

    1. When you're home and hear a noise, any noise, you know that someone has broken in and is ready to murder you.

    2. You've double-, triple-, and quadruple-checked that a door is locked.

    3. If a friend gives you the job of figuring out where you all should eat, this is an accurate representation of how you feel:

    4. If someone says they're not feeling well, you automatically realize that you too aren't feeling well.

    5. You've called the doctor because your stomach hurt and, sure, you ate a lot, but it's definitely more than that. Definitely.

    6. When you're talking to new people, all you're thinking about is whether or not what you just said was stupid.

    7. When you're put on the spot, you do a damn good job of appearing calm, even though you're quietly dying inside.

    8. If someone puts up a passive-aggressive post on Facebook, you know it's probably about you.

    9. And when you text someone and they don't immediately text back, you assume they hate you.

    10. When you need to be somewhere on time you get there about 20 minutes early, because you map everything out and add a big cushion in case something goes wrong.

    11. When you run into someone you know unexpectedly, you actively avoid acknowledging them.

    12. Because you basically work under the assumption that most people hate you at all times, and you're pretty sure you're right.

    13. You've canceled plans many times because you weren't sure who exactly would be there, and that made you...anxious.

    14. It takes you a very long time to fall asleep, because of everything you're stressing about.

    15. And when someone tells you it will all be "OK," that actually makes everything not OK.

    16. Because every time you have a moment of "Everything's OK," your anxiety pops back up to remind you that it's probably not OK.

    17. If your roommate invites people you don't know over, you're gonna be in your room no matter what.

    18. You think about how to end a conversation as soon as one starts.

    19. And when you can't 100% control a situation, you damn near lose your shit.

    20. Even though it often feels like your entire life is consumed by how anxious you can get...

    21.'s good to know that you're not alone in this.