19 Poop Facts That Will Make You Say "Shit"

    We're all pooping wrong.

    1. Your poop is about 75% water.

    2. And the other 25% is solid matter, like dead bacteria, indigestible food, fats, and protein, among other things.

    3. If you want to poop more, eating fiber-rich foods like sweet potatoes, raspberries, black beans, and edamame can help.

    4. Your poop is that normal brown color because of bile.

    5. But poop also comes in all kinds of colors — like a poo rainbow — green, brown, and a whole host of colors in-between.

    6. A 1992 study found that less than half of the population enjoys a normal (once daily) poop cycle, and young women are the least likely to poop "normally."

    7. We're all pooping wrong, because according to a 2003 study instead of sitting to poop, we need to be squatting.

    8. There's even a thing called a Squatty Potty to help you achieve that ultimate poop squat position.

    9. Poop smells and looks pretty disgusting to us in part because we evolved to view poo as gross.

    10. White sand beaches in Hawaii and the Maldives are primarily made from parrot fish poop.

    11. Along with landing on the moon, Neil Armstrong also left four bags of poop behind.

    12. And when you see a shooting star, it may actually be some astronaut poop.

    13. More and more research is starting to show that the bacteria in your gut can influence your stress levels and emotional behavior.

    14. In 2014, the UK launched its first poo bus: a bus run by human and food waste (i.e. a lotta poo).

    15. Bill Gates helped fund the creation of "Poop Water," which is feces turned into clean drinking water.

    16. Sloths leave the safety of their trees only once a week, and it's for their weekly poop.

    17. When women are on their period their poop habits get royally fucked in part because of their uterus being so close to their colon (i.e. constipation, bloating, etc.).

    18. As a form of birth control, ancient Egyptians made an early diaphragm out of crocodile poop and honey.

    19. And finally: Both Kris and Kylie Jenner own $10,000 toilets that come with spray nozzles for their bum and other regions.

    Hooray for pooping! 💩