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    Ariana Grande Made A Moving Tribute To The Youngest Victim Of The Manchester Attack On Her 9th Birthday

    Saffie Roussos would have turned 9 on Tuesday.

    Ariana Grande paid tribute to the youngest victim of the Manchester attack, Saffie Roussos, on what would have been her ninth birthday.


    During a show in Buenos Aires on Tuesday night, Ariana sang her version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", which she first performed at the One Love Manchester benefit concert in aid of the victims of the attack.

    Getty Images / Dave Hogan for One Love Manchest

    After singing the final note in the song, Ariana said "Happy birthday, Saffie", before looking up and blowing a kiss.

    When she said 'happy birthday Saffie' at the end. My heart is crying

    And it made everyone feel incredibly emotional.

    the "happy birthday saffie" at the end made my heart physically break into a million pieces. i am crying.

    ariana knew it was saffie's birthday, my heart is a damn mess :(

    Ariana saying happy birthday to saffie broke my heart yet filled it with so much love at the same time

    Then, after the show, Ariana made another tribute to Saffie. She shared this photo of herself onstage alongside a caption saying everyone was "thinking" of Saffie.


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