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23 Things Everyone Who's Trying To Get Pregnant Can Relate To

If only it were as easy as birds and bees.

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3. You buy pregnancy tests in bulk, but still never have enough.

5. You'll willingly give up some of the things you love most, like alcohol and coffee.

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But you'll soon learn those are just gateway sacrifices. Eventually you'll try eliminating sugar, dairy, gluten and your remaining sanity, too, if you think it will help you get pregnant.

8. Even when you do try to spice it up, everything just reminds you of ultrasound equipment.

16. ...but once you’ve been TTC long enough, every 2WW is an opportunity to Google DPO symptoms until you POS and get your BFN or BFP!

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TTC = trying to conceive

2WW = two week wait

DPO = days past ovulation

POS = pee on a stick

BFN = big fat negative

BFP = big fat positive


18. But you will smack the next person who suggests the basic tips you left behind months/years ago.

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Oh, so you're saying I could just monitor my cervical mucus for free? And that basal thermometers are cheap and easy? Wow, sure wish I had tried that before investing all my hope and money in time-consuming, emotionally draining and extremely expensive procedures with relatively low success rates.


23. The longer you’re in the assisted conception game, the more you understand how many others are with you.

Whether you're building a non-traditional family, dealing with infertility or both, it can help to know there are millions of other wannabe parents on the same journey. Infertility and assisted reproduction treatments can feel isolating, but you are never alone.