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"Migraines Are The Worst!" And 16 Other Things Migraine Sufferers Know To Be True

A headache and a migraine are two veeeeery different things.

1. Look, migraines are the WORST.

2. They're a random, miserable, unexplainable, pain-in-the-behind with pretty much zero rhyme or reason to them.

3. And while everyone loves to say they "get migraines too"...

4. ...a headache and a migraine are two veeeeery different things.

5. In fact, no two people's experiences of migraines are alike.

6. There's light sensitivity, weather sensitivity, food sensitivity...

7. And for some, the after effects can last literally days.

8. Which really makes it hard to feel like anyone really understands what you go through.

9. And people tend to get much less sympathetic when you need to take time off.

10. Or if you need to skip out on plans.

11. Which, in turn, can make you feel a little guilty.

12. The triggers can be pretty random too.

13. And juuuuust when you think you might have figured it out, you get thrown a curveball.

14. So you're constantly on alert for those trigger signs in case you need to run to your nearest medicine stash.

15. Because if it turns out to be a big one...well, time to turn off the lights and settle in to being a curled-up ball for 12-plus hours or so.

16. But despite all this, a little compassion really does go a long way.

17. And we're always extremely grateful for our friends once we rejoin the world on the other side!