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17 Pictures That Show What Living With Diabetes Is Actually Like

Type 1 diabetes in a nut shell: needles, blood, more needles and more blood.

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1. Having diabetes means finding used test strips pretty much everywhere.

Connor Dunlap / BuzzFeed

Stray test strips are a byproduct of testing my blood sugar levels approximately six bajillion times a day, which I have to do to stay alive.

3. ...I mean, EVERYWHERE.

Connor Dunlap / BuzzFeed

But rogue test strips barely even register on the diabetic radar. We're all too focused on the BLOOD and the NEEDLES to worry much about stray pieces of plastic.


7. Oops, I hit a blood vessel while inserting a continuous blood glucose monitor into my arm. Better try again!

If I wanted a (slight) break from constant finger sticks, I could wear a continuous blood glucose monitor, which is a device that tracks my blood sugar in real time.


9. It attached without spurting blood everywhere? Good. Now I can shift my focus to the inch-long metal wire poking into my arm.

Instagram: @type1lawyer

11. Oh, and don't mind me! Just gotta deal with this disgusting bleeding hole in my side.

Instagram: @keeks8289

That bloody messy was caused by an infusion set for an insulin pump. It's convenient but can hurt like hell.

12. Which is actually something I deal with all the time.