17 Pictures That Show What Living With Diabetes Is Actually Like

    Type 1 diabetes in a nut shell: needles, blood, more needles and more blood.

    1. Having diabetes means finding used test strips pretty much everywhere.

    2. And by everywhere...

    3. ...I mean, EVERYWHERE.

    4. Honestly, having to constantly squeeze drops of blood from my finger-tips is a bigger priority.

    5. Is this a murder scene? Nah, this is just a Tuesday morning.

    6. And this is just a Tuesday afternoon.

    7. Oops, I hit a blood vessel while inserting a continuous blood glucose monitor into my arm. Better try again!

    8. Hitting a blood vessel twice in a row feels just as terrible as you think it would.

    9. It attached without spurting blood everywhere? Good. Now I can shift my focus to the inch-long metal wire poking into my arm.

    10. Seriously: It's an INCH-LONG. METAL. WIRE.

    11. Oh, and don't mind me! Just gotta deal with this disgusting bleeding hole in my side.

    12. Which is actually something I deal with all the time.

    13. It honestly never ends.

    14. I could always take needle injections instead.

    15. Lots and lots of needle injections.

    16. But I still have to clean blood off of the counter.

    17. And now I guess I have to go clean blood off of my shirt, too.