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    Paul Rudd Was On "Hot Ones" And It Led To A New Meme — Here Are 15 Of The Funniest

    "Who would've thought?"

    If you hadn't seen, Paul Rudd was on a recent episode of Hot Ones. There's a moment in the episode during which Rudd enthusiastically says, "Look at us. Hey, look at us." The host replies, "Who would've thought?" and Paul Rudd says, "Not me." It doesn't sound particularly riveting, but when you add a funny blurb above it, you suddenly have a new meme format. Here are some of the best of the best.

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    Me and my bank account after I've made $50 stretch for a week and a half


    When you make next morning brunch plans when you’re hammered and then actually follow through with them



    when u end up in a whole 2 year relationship after what was supposed to be just a hook up


    When you and your boo finally decide on a place to eat


    Me and my friends when we all end up unemployed because our bosses found our twitters


    Me and my sister hanging out like normal adults after beating the shit out of each other daily throughout our entire childhood


    Me and all the other post grad kids at our first real job not knowing what the fuck we’re doing



    After we both eat each other ass


    A freelancer to their check when it finally comes in the mail


    me and my friends remembering all the reckless things we did in college and yet we’re alive, not in jail and living full adult lives


    When divorced parents come to their child's graduation


    me and my best friend after finding each other in heaven


    When you and your best friend go out for "1 drink" and 2 hours later you're both drunk AF