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17 Photos That Are Infuriating For Everyone Who Has Actually Been Socially Distancing And Following Coronavirus Guidelines

"I'll try not to infect anyone, but I sure as hell ain't staying home for two months."

1. This person named Meg who thinks it's cool to host a COVID-19 gathering, and all of her inconsiderate partygoers.

2. This independent-thinking tattoo artist who wants everyone to ignore the pandemic.

3. This person whose top priority right now is the bar and being able to drink in public.

4. This headline about a person who went back to Argentina (from the United States), didn't quarantine as advised, and went to a party. This individual had the coronavirus, and now 10 other party attendees are showing symptoms.

5. This person trying to host a sexy group photo shoot at a time like this.

6. This pastor and churchgoers who defied everything they've been told.

7. This group that's holding church in their home.

8. This person claiming to have tested positive for the coronavirus but rejecting the idea of staying inside.

9. This genius.

10. These people who casually gathered over the weekend in California during lockdown.

11. And these people clustered around Alki Beach in Seattle this past weekend, a place that has been added to the list of recent closures in Washington.

12. Also these people in Washington (on March 22, 2020) congregating to view the cherry blossoms even though the sight and caution tape have asked them not to.

13. This person who tried to organize one last germ-spreading hurrah among their group of friends.

14. This person who planned a trip months ago, and that's all they care about.

15. This parent who is looking into a coronavirus party for her kids.

16. This couple who was all about going to Walt Disney World up until just before it closed, and now one of 'em appears to be sick.

17. And finally, these people in Georgia who've got their kids out and offering hugs to the public.