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    21 Truths Anyone Who's A Socially Anxious Extrovert Will Understand

    Wanting to be around people and freaking out about it is definitely a thing.

    1. First things first, extroversion typically means that you draw your energy from being around other people.

    2. Social anxiety is characterized by emotional distress or uneasiness about social interaction.

    3. Together, these two make for the worst possible mental battle.

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    4. The extroverted part of you wants to meet new people constantly.

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    5. But your brain starts overthinking it and gets paranoid so you avoid it altogether.

    And you're left with more thoughts.

    6. Every weekend night you stress about wanting to go out and not wanting to socialize.

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    But staying at home is the equivalent of flushing your brain down the toilet. You feel sad, bored, and just mentally drained.

    7. You love it when your phone buzzes from friends who want to hang out.

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    YAY! Messages. YAY! So many messages.

    8. But because of how your brain messes with you, you give off the vibe that you don't want to hang out.

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    "I'm lying right now! This face you see is a lie."

    9. Or that you're closed off, when really you're just overthinking every single one of your actions.


    You're actually the opposite of apathetic.

    10. So you often make a lot of plans to go out and be social, and then get more and more anxious about them as they get closer.

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    11. You actually want to shout out to the world and be boisterous for once.

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    Even if no one thinks you're shouting, the thought of you being louder than usual is over-exaggerated in your mind.

    12. Before you're aware of being in a crowded place, your head is buzzing with excitement.

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    Which lasts for approximately 10 seconds.

    13. But immediately you ask yourself, "Whyyyy did I think this would be a good idea??"

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    Your mind starts running in senseless circles.

    14. Whether it's meeting a new person or drawing attention to yourself, your body immediately feels debilitated.

    15. Breathing gets hard and your throat gets scratchy as hell.

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    Not to mention heart palpitations, sweat, twitchiness, and other completely random bodily actions.

    16. Your body tells you "hell no," and your mind is like "calm the fuck down."

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    Mind over matter! Mind over matter!

    17. And you know it's completely irrational.

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    18. When you ARE able to relax and calm your anxiety around people, it feels AMAZING.


    Being you, like ~loud~ you, is exhilarating. It almost catches you off guard.

    19. But certain triggers — like being randomly put in the spotlight — have the ability to send you into a full-blown panic.


    20. Embodying both sides of the social spectrum makes it harder to explain to others how you feel.

    Because "YES, I LIKE PEOPLE: YES, THEY ALSO TERRIFY ME SOMETIMES TOO" makes them go, "huh?"

    21. But wherever you are with reducing your worries, know that your feelings are valid. ❤️