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The 31 Most Cat Things To Ever Happen

Just some cat things.

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1. When this cat said "no" to one of breakfast's greatest gifts:

2. When this cat waited for the perfect moment to steal this car:

3. And when this lady wanted to see what this guy's beard was all about:

4. When this cat protested sharing:

5. When this cat opened the door just to let you know he could:

6. When this cat trapped his friend, again:

7. When this cat just assumed what you paid for was the box:

8. When this cat protested exercise of any kind:

9. And this cat opposed Christmas cheer:

10. When this cat protected her door at all costs:

11. And when this buddy partook in extreme napping:

12. When this cat got scared of a cucumber:

13. When this cat just wanted some 'za.

14. When this cat quieted this lil baby:

And then looked at the parent like, "This isn't hard, dummy."

15. When this cat joined the fight in the most passive way possible:

16. When this cat was disgusted by a little flower:

17. When this cat refused to pay for your lifestyle:

18. When this kitten put her all into protecting her fort:

19. When this cat was done with this watermelon's shit:

20. When this cat asked for privacy for TWO SECONDS, Stephen:

21. When this cat slid into your DMs like:

22. When this cat showed no restraint in letting you know how bad her human smelled:

23. When this cat casually boogied:

24. And when this guy turned into liquid to get through a tight space:

25. When this cat life-hacked the crap out of these stairs:

26. When this cat made a stranger believe he was in horrible trouble:

But really he was just chillin' near some well-placed red paint:

27. This cat who couldn't help but get trapped:

28. When this coven had their weekly meeting:

29. When this cat made the dog look smart:

30. When this cat found the perfect hiding place:

31. And finally, when this cat was unexpectedly affectionate: