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    42 Cat GIFs Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

    Cats are God's greatest gift to the internet.

    1. This cat on her first day at school.

    2. This sneaky pancake thief.

    3. And this ninja kitten.

    4. This cat who just wants to know if this thing's on?

    5. This cat who will not be belittled by a flower.

    6. This cat who was very thankful for directions.

    7. This cat who regrets all her decisions.

    8. And this one who's always on the lookout for a good balloon.

    9. This cat who was stunned by her own beauty.

    10. And this one who got a little spooked by the heater.

    11. This guy who would like you to kindly stop.

    12. This lady who would like some privacy, please.

    13. This creeper cat.

    14. This cat who understands the struggle too well.

    15. This very careful adventurer.

    16. This cat whose universe just crumbled.

    17. This sneak stink attack.

    18. This cat who just wants to casually see what's up.

    19. This cat who can't believe how messed up The Lion King is.

    20. This cat filing a very important complaint.

    21. And this busy bee who just couldn't.

    22. This cat who wanted to make sure the human didn't get too cocky with his new abilities.

    23. This cat who got had by his supposed BFF.

    24. And this sneaky sneak who just wanted some 'za.

    25. This cat who just came to say hello.

    26. This cat who just wanted to put on his tutu in PEACE.

    27. This slow sneaky sneak.

    28. And this one who wants nothing to do with fruit.

    29. This cat who's all about that zoom zoom life.

    30. This sleepy critter.

    31. This kitten who tried but quickly just gave up.

    32. This cat whose diet starts Monday.

    33. This ass man.

    34. This guy who knows how to have a good time.

    35. This cat who got caught up in a trend he just couldn't pull off.

    36. This cat who got double-teamed by some iguanas.

    37. And this one who just wanted the last sip of his soda.

    38. This lady who does NOT take kindly to Shark Week.

    39. And this one who would really rather not work out for his food.

    40. These kittens who had no idea what they were getting into when they turned on the vacuum.

    41. This cat goin' round and round, embarrassing his date.

    42. And finally, this cat's interpretation of "That's All Folks!"