15 Things That Can Make You Feel Super Bloated

    Hey, remember when your pants fit? That was cool.

    1. You’re constipated.

    2. You had all of the alcohol last night.

    3. You’re actually swallowing too much air.

    4. You have no idea how much salt you’re actually eating.

    5. You’ve been lazier than normal this week.

    6. You loaded up on artificial sweeteners.

    Limiting your sugar is great, but replacing it with the fake stuff isn’t. “In addition to the fact that they’re bad for you because they aren’t really food, they’re a major cause of bloating,” says Chutkan. “The reason they don’t contribute calories is that they’re not absorbed in the small intestine like most sugars. They go to the colon and then get fermented by gut bacteria and produce gas.”

    7. Or, along those lines, you love your sugar-free gum.

    8. You eat dinner super late.

    9. You might be lactose intolerant.

    10. Or you might not deal with gluten very well.

    11. You just ate a big, high-fiber meal.

    12. You're not drinking enough water.

    This can lead to bloat for a few reasons. If you’re eating salty or high-fiber foods without getting enough water, that can definitely cause puffiness. But staying hydrated is also important for keeping your poop habits regular. If they’re out of whack, there’s a good chance you’ll be bloated. If you can never remember to refill your glass, bookmark these 13 ways to drink more water every day.

    13. You're a smoker.

    14. You’re a woman.

    15. Or it could be something more serious.