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16 Reasons You Wish Mindy Lahiri Was Actually Your Gynecologist

Can you think of anyone you'd rather be stuck in a gyno chair with?

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1. She would know exactly how to talk to you about STDs.

This is a person you want in charge of your vagina.

2. She absolutely shares your appreciation for drinking in moderation.

3. Or, you know, everything in moderation.

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4. Because she hates tough love doctor advice just as much as you do.

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Can I live?

5. She knows that a healthy dose of self-confidence is crucial.

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Because when your feet are in the stirrups and you're wearing a paper towel, a little pep talk would be nice.

6. And she would completely get your reasoning behind that probably-not-a-great-idea one night stand.

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She wouldn't even blink at a Saturday morning phone call asking how soon you can be tested for chlamydia.

7. She wouldn't judge you for making a few mistakes here and there.

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In your defense, you took Plan B within 72 hours and you vowed to stop eating bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwiches Monday-Friday.

8. She's not super restrictive about body types.

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As long as you're healthy, how you define your shape is all you.

9. And she knows all about the importance of creating realistic, specific, and actionable health goals.

And if you told her your New Year's resolution was to run five miles every morning, she would spit her margarita in your face. (Here's how to make resolutions you'll actually stick to this year.)

10. She would be able to find the silver lining of any health woe.

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This is the kind of optimism you want from someone who could be delivering something the size of a watermelon out of your vagina.

11. But she wouldn't sugarcoat the fact that you literally could have died.

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Because sometimes you need to hear that accidentally leaving a tampon in for a week is foul and possibly life threatening.

12. She knows that even doctors lie to doctors about their health habits sometimes.

A gyno who lies to her gyno is a gyno you can trust.

13. And she would be down to hear all the details of your sex life.

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Which is kinda necessary if you're going to have a real relationship with your gyno.

14. She'd probably also give you a few tips to maybe break that dry spell you've been complaining about.

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Hey, it's her job to give you pointers about sexual health.

15. And then she'd give you some more tips...

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16. And you'd definitely want to be actual friends with her outside of the gyno chair.

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Because, come on, Dr. Lahiri is the only person that could make you actually want to schedule your next gyno appointment.

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