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    Posted on Nov 26, 2015

    19 Controversial Topics That Will Tear Families Apart On Thanksgiving

    None of which have to do with politics, religion, or your stupid ex.

    It's almost not Thanksgiving without some sort of heated debate where a family member waves a turkey leg for emphasis and somebody cries.

    So here's some controversial fodder for the dinner table — none of which have anything to do with politics, religion, or when you're actually going to settle down.

    1. Is a hotdog a sandwich?

    Nathan Pyle / Via

    Seriously. Think it over.

    2. What color is this godforsaken dress? / Via

    We need answers.

    3. How in the hell would a dog wear pants?

    V. important.

    4. Which Property Brother is actually the hottest?

    Because even their parents have a favorite.

    5. How do you really put on a bra?

    Jenny Chang

    Do you clasp it in the back like some sort of magician or do you clasp it in the front and swivel it around?

    6. Is the risk of E. coli enough to stop you from eating Chipotle?

    This just might be the one that tears families apart.

    7. How do you pronounce this person's name?

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    BONUS QUESTION: How do you spell it?

    8. Which song from the new Adele album is secretly the best?

    Slash which one will you ugly-cry to the most?

    9. Who's actually doing it right: morning people or night people?

    Disney / Via BuzzFeed Life

    Someone is winning.

    10. What about morning showers or night showers? Which is better?

    Olive Bridge Entertainment / Via

    There's no way everyone will agree on this one.

    11. How do you pronounce GIF?

    Facebook: BFF

    Let's settle this today.

    12. Which llama instigated this elaborate escape?

    Because either the white llama or the black llama woke up that day thinking let's just fucking go for it, man.

    13. What is the only acceptable fry shape?

    Everyone has a type.

    14. Which season of Rupaul's Drag Race was actually the best?

    Logo / Via

    And you can't say All Stars.

    15. Which friend could you have done without tbh?

    NBC / Via

    Someone's gotta go, and it isn't Joey.

    16. How often do you/should you wash your towels? / Via

    You're about to learn a lot about each other with this one.

    17. If you could only use one condiment for the rest of your life, which would it be?

    Really consider your future with this one.

    18. Would you use Facebook's new feature to make your ex disappear?

    See ya fucking never, Taylor.

    19. And finally, this.

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