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    19 Vagina Problems That Can Actually Happen

    Let's talk about everything that can go wrong in and around your vagina.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Life

    1. You left something in your vagina.

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    Accidents happen. And the most common item doctors find hiding away in there is a tampon, OB-GYN Alysssa Dweck, M.D., author of V is for Vagina tells BuzzFeed Life. The dead giveaway is usually a VERY foul smell. But she's also fished out a birth control diaphragm and stray sex toys. So if you ~think~ you may have something in there, get to a doctor ASAP. There's sometimes the risk of abrasions or lacerations inside the vagina as a result of this, says Dweck, so don't be embarrassed — they've seen everything.

    2. You have lumps or bumps somewhere in the general vagina area.

    3. You have a super angry hair follicle down there.

    4. You have other weird ~skin stuff~ going on in your underpants region.

    5. There's a big, bulging vein near your vagina.

    6. Your vagina refuses to get wet.

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    If vaginal lubrication is just not a thing that is happening, it can be really uncomfortable, especially during sex. But don't assume you're all dried up and broken — you're not. Lots of things can cause dryness, like some forms of birth control (especially low-dose versions), allergy medicines, or breastfeeding, says Minkin. You might be able to try another birth control method or allergy med, or you can always opt for some lube.

    7. You vagina is itchy and you've got some cottage cheese-looking discharge.

    8. You've got a thin, white discharge that smells something FOUL.

    9. Or your vagina is itching / burning / irritated / just generally pissed off.

    10. When you try to put something in your vagina, it basically clamps shut.

    11. Or you can barely even get a tampon into your vagina.

    12. You seriously can't stop scratching your crotch.

    13. You feel like you have to pee ALL the time, and it BURNS.

    14. Your vagina just hurts.

    15. Actually, your vulva hurts.

    16. There's some blood coming out of your vagina, and it's not your period.

    17. You have blisters or warts around your vagina.

    18. You have a lot of pelvic pain and maybe some discharge, pain during sex, or a low fever.

    19. There's a spot on your vulva that's always itchy and irritated.