These Friends Got Vasectomies Together For Their Wives

    As most great decisions do, this all played out in a group chat.

    These three couples have known each other for years.

    They go on vacations together and watch their kids grow up together — and recently, the husbands got vasectomies together.

    All three couples had already been considering the long-term birth control option.

    Luckily, they all happened to have a mutual friend who works at the department of urology at UCLA Health: John's sister, Sylvia Lambrechts. When they asked Sylvia for advice, she recommended the same doctor to all three.

    During a vasectomy, a urologist cuts and blocks the tubes that deliver sperm from the testes (called the vas deferens).

    In the US, male sterilization is much less common than female sterilization (tubal ligation), despite it being a more effective and lower-risk procedure.

    Interestingly, the reverse is true in Canada and the UK, where vasectomies are actually more common than tubal ligations.

    "It was definitely a better experience having your friends go through it with you. There is strength in numbers," said Basilio.

    And the wives were very appreciative.

    "My advice would be just to get it done. You have to ice your jewels constantly for about three days, and pop a few Advil," said Basilio. "But overall I healed quickly and I'm happy I did it."

    "We are a very close group of friends, our kids were born months apart, we've traveled together before kids, and now with kids, and we've shared some pretty awesome milestones together," said Basilio. "We never thought we'd share this!"