Here's What Your Vagina Actually Thinks Of Your Tampons

    Since you can't exactly ask it, we checked with a few doctors instead.

    When it comes to your vagina, you're probably pretty careful what you put in there.

    AND you may have noticed some new all-natural or all-cotton tampons on the market lately.

    The short answer: Nope, your vagina does not care if your tampon is 100% cotton or not.

    So what's actually in most tampons? Usually cotton, rayon, or both. And that's fine.

    While not all brands have all the ingredients clearly listed on the box, you should be able to find that info on their websites. In an email with BuzzFeed Life, a representative from Procter & Gamble (makers of Tampax tampons) confirmed that its tampons are made of cotton and rayon. They have a thin fabric over wrap made of polyethylene and polypropylene, which are materials used in many hygiene products and surgical products (like other tampons, pads, and sutures).

    "Tampons are regulated by the FDA as medical devices and are therefore required to meet the strict safety expectations of the FDA," a Procter & Gamble representative told us via email. "Our products and the materials they are made of are thoroughly evaluated for safety before we put them into the marketplace."

    The website for O.B. tampons says O.B.'s tampons are made of rayon with a polyester string. They also have a polyethylene/polypropylene film. Kotex tampons are made from cotton and rayon, according to the company's website.

    This cotton-rayon blend is common in tampons, and it's totally safe.

    Plus, the FDA regulates tampons to be sure that no weird stuff is happening in there.

    OK, but all natural and all organic has to be better, right?

    So use whatever period products you feel like!