11 Things You Never Knew About Exercise Orgasms

    Brb, going to the gym.

    So you’re familiar with orgasms, yes?

    Well, coregasms are also a thing.

    1. About 10% of people have experienced a coregasm at least once.

    2. Pretty much anyone can have one.

    3. Certain exercises can bring them on.

    4. It seems to happen when you’ve exhausted your core muscles.

    5. But really, no one is totally sure how or why they happen.

    6. Male coregasms don’t always involve an erection… but they can involve ejaculate.

    7. Female coregasms are described as feeling more like vaginal orgasms than clitoral ones.

    8. It’s possible to have a coregasm before you’ve had other types of orgasm.

    9. And even if you don’t coregasm, exercise-induced arousal is definitely a thing.

    10. So if you want to have a coregasm, here are some things you can try.

    11. BUT as cool and interesting as they are, DON’T feel like you need to have a coregasm to be complete.