9 Sex Tips That Anyone With A Vagina Should Try

    All the things they didn't teach you in sex ed...that they definitely should have.

    You may have heard that vaginas are confusing, mysterious genitals that require a lot of troubleshooting and magic to elicit an orgasm.

    But new research of over 2,000 women actually found a lot of similarities when it comes to what feels good and might make you orgasm.

    SO here are some ways to touch vulvas and vaginas that might actually feel really awesome.

    1. Edging, or getting super close to orgasm and then backing off.

    2. Hinting or teasing sensitive areas.

    3. Keeping something — the movement, pressure, speed, etc. — exactly the same.


    Nearly 67% of women said that some sort of consistency helped them orgasm. That's super vague, but basically it means that keeping things exactly the same can be really helpful, especially when the person is close to coming. "Just before orgasm, it's like a sort of tightrope where its easy for that to be the point where you lose it," says Perkins. "A lot of women said that everything needs to be held constant."

    So let this be a lesson: If your partner says something like "right there" or "don't stop" — just keep doing what you're doing.

    4. Or sometimes switching up the motions to keep things interesting.

    5. Keeping some sort of rhythm or pattern.

    6. Changing the technique after the first orgasm to go for a second one.

    7. Accenting a certain spot or motion with more pressure or speed.

    8. Drawing continuous circular motions around the clitoris.

    9. Touching the clitoris indirectly.

    Now, go forth and give/have orgasms!