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    15 Things That Definitely Aren't Consent

    A primer for anyone who isn't totally 100% sure.

    1. The fact that you two have already had sex.

    2. Carrying condoms.

    3. Having a penis.

    4. Dating someone.

    5. Drunk texting.

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    6. Looking really freaking hot.

    7. Wearing anything that might be considered ~suggestive~.

    8. Or wearing nothing.

    9. Having an erection.

    10. Spending the night together.

    11. Saying yes while drunk or high.

    12. Convincing someone that it's a good idea.

    13. Not ~technically~ saying no.

    14. Openly and obviously flirting.

    15. Or even hooking up in other ways.

    Here's what consent actually is:

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