11 Things Everyone With A Vagina Needs To Know About Pap Smears

    Like, what are they even doing down there?

    You know the drill: Your feet are in the stirrups, the speculum is in your vagina, and your gyno is all up in there.

    1. First things first: A Pap test is something you get at your gynecologist's office to screen for cervical cancer.

    2. The Pap test ONLY screens for cervical cancer — not STIs.

    3. If you don't hear from your doctor after a Pap test, give them a call.

    4. OK, so your doctor called and said you had an abnormal result. WTF does that mean?

    5. An abnormal result may just mean that you need to come back in for another Pap test.

    6. When you have an abnormal Pap result, the next step is usually an HPV test.

    7. If the test shows you have abnormal cells and HPV, you'll probably get a colposcopy, which is a microscopic exam of your cervix.

    8. Depending on those biopsy results, you may need a surgical procedure to treat it.

    9. The recommendations for Pap tests changed recently, so people are getting them way less often.

    10. Fewer screenings might sound terrifying, but it's actually a good thing.

    11. But even if you don't need a Pap test every year, you should still have annual gyno appointments.