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13 Facts That Will Make You Hungry And Horny


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Sex is awesome. So is food.

And these two very important concepts might overlap more than you think. Really.

1. What you eat can actually affect how you taste.

We've all heard the pineapple myth (and if you haven't... it supposedly makes you smell and taste ~sweeter~). There haven't been actual studies on this (because, obviously), but there's certainly a lot of anecdotal evidence.

After all, the things you eat do get excreted in urine and semen, Dr. Harry Fisch, board certified urologist and author of The New Naked, tells BuzzFeed Life. And it's possible that your diet can affect the smell and taste of vaginal secretions too, Dr. Alyssa Dweck, OB-GYN and coauthor of V is for Vagina, tells BuzzFeed Life. So while there's no guarantee, it's possible that sweeter or more pungent foods could affect your own, um, flavor.

2. There’s a food-related sex fetish called sploshing.

It's all about using food to create sexy sensations, BDSM educator Mistress Shae Flanigan previously told BuzzFeed Life. It's basically using someone's naked body as a canvas and dressing it with sticky, slippery, aromatic, or just generally delicious stuff. Sometimes it can lead to sex, or it can just be a part of foreplay or BDSM play.


3. And another one is called wet-and-messy fetish, or WAM.

Wet and Messy Photography / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: chrisb_fotografie

Similar to sploshing, but this one focuses more on covering someone in sticky, slimy, gooey, messy substances (like pies, cakes, whipped cream, shaving cream, etc.). And it's usually directly to the face. You can learn more about WAM here.

4. You can use some food-grade oils as lube.

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Like coconut oil or olive oil, says Dweck. Coconut oil is getting especially popular right now and it's totally safe to use during sex or oral sex (as long as you aren't, like, allergic to coconut). BUT never use oil-based lubes if you're using latex condoms, since they can make them less effective, says Dweck.

5. A word of caution: You can risk a lot of irritation when putting food near your genitals.

Every body is different, but typically the skin around your genitals is going to be a little more sensitive than the rest of you. If you don't have sensitive skin and you pretty much never get infections, you might be fine with some Nutella on your outer labia or on the base of your penis. Or your body might be like NOPE NO OUCH IT BURNS GET IT OFF. So have fun, but be warned that food items might cause some irritation down there, says Dweck. If this happens, wash it off immediately and see a doctor if the reaction persists.

6. For starters, spicy foods should go NOWHERE NEAR your privates.

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You know when you accidentally touch your eye after cutting jalapeños and you're immediately 100% sure you're going blind? Imagine that terror — but on your genitals. Just don't incorporate any spicy foods into sex play, says Fisch. Not only will it cause serious irritation and pain, but it can take a while to get rid of that sting.


7. And putting foods INSIDE any orifice other than your mouth is generally frowned upon.

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You don't want to insert anything that can have allergens or chemicals or anything on them, says Fisch. Though if you really want to, using a condom would certainly be advised. But you also shouldn't put anything in that could potentially get stuck or lost, or you're risking one hell of an awkward E.R. visit. This is especially true when we're talking anal insertion, since anything without a flared or wide-tapered end could get stuck in there.

8. Sugar in and around your genitals might not cause a yeast infection, but who wants to find out?

So it's true that yeast thrives on sugar and yeast infections are more common in people with uncontrolled high blood sugar, but that all has to do with sugar in your diet — not in your pants. There isn't actually research showing that sugar in and around your genitals would cause a yeast infection, Dr. Jennifer Gunter, OB-GYN, previously told BuzzFeed Life. Still, if you're prone to irritation or infections, you might want to just not.

9. If you want to get naked and play with food on other body parts — like your partner's belly, chest, back, hips, etc. — go crazy.

Sure, you still risk some skin irritation or allergic reactions, but if you know you're not sensitive to this stuff, go for it. Fisch suggests testing it out on a small patch of skin (like your arm) and waiting a while to make sure you don't get any redness or irritation.

10. Eating a big meal before sex can actually screw with your performance and orgasm.

When you scarf down a steak, your body is so busy with digestion that there's less blood flow to go to your genitals, says Fisch. And you need that blood flow to get a strong erection. Plus, a big fatty meal can boost insulin levels temporarily and then leave you in a slump not long after, says Dweck. Which means you're feeling sleepy — not horny.


11. And as for alcohol, less is more as far as your sex life is concerned.

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One or two cocktails might enhance desire since it boosts blood flow and lowers your inhibitions, says Dweck. But more than that usually just leads to sleepiness, sloppiness, or the dreaded whiskey dick. Alcohol is a depressant, so keep that in mind if you'll be eating and drinking on a date.

12. All those foods that are known as aphrodisiacs? That's maybe bullshit. / Via

Oysters, chocolate, apples, meh. Sure, there are lots of associations and anecdotal reports, but no real evidence to show that eating a certain food will immediately make you want to get naked, say the experts. Sorry 'bout it. That said, if you're eating oysters before sex instead of a big steak then yeah you'll probably notice a difference (see above about not loading up on a big meal).

13. But a heart-healthy diet actually is good for your sex life.

Eating a healthy diet with lots of antioxidants, omega-3s, and foods that boost nitric oxide (like beets and leafy greens) can all do good things for your libido. They won't have magic, immediate results, but these foods can boost blood flow, fight inflammation, and protect your blood vessels — all of which are important for physical arousal and erections, says Fisch.