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    13 Actual Truths About Fake Orgasms

    Basically everyone is a liar.

    Apparently a buttload of BuzzFeed readers have faked an orgasm!

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    This according to a completely unscientific poll on BuzzFeed Health last week, which over 140,000 of you took. But since this survey was specifically asking about your history of deceit...there's really no way of knowing if you were even being honest. So, you know, grain of salt. THAT SAID, these results are still super titillating, so let's get to them...

    1. Most people have faked an orgasm at least once.

    Like 81%. About a third of people said they fake it a lot, while a quarter of people said it only happened once or twice. Then there's the 22% of people who haven't technically ~lied~ about it, but definitely made some misleading sounds or movements, so that counts.

    2. Most people fake orgasms because they'd just like the sex to be over with already.

    Like when your genitals are all NOPE SORRY NOT TODAY, but you know your partner is expecting some big finish, so you pretend. The next most common reasons were to spare their partner's feelings or because they were feeling self conscious about how long they were taking.

    3. P-in-V intercourse is primetime for fakers.

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    72% of people have faked it in this context, according to the poll.

    4. But anal sex tends to be more honest.

    5. About half of people have faked it during oral sex.

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    Which…seems tricky for anyone with a penis.

    6. Only 34% of people have ever fessed up to faking it.

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    What's done is done.

    7. And a heartless 6% of people say they've actually admitted it out of spite.

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    LOL YOU THOUGHT THAT WAS REAL?! OK, but seriously, that's pretty mean.

    8. Most people are low-key fakers who just add some well-timed moans.

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    But about a quarter of people said they up the stakes by throwing in a "yes" / "oh god" / "I'm coming" / etc. Showoffs.

    9. A third of people actually fake muscle spasms when they're "coming."

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    Kegels FTW.

    10. And a particularly crafty 2% have faked the actual ejaculate.

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    Just… how?

    11. A full 38% of people swear that no one has ever faked an orgasm with them.

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    Aw, that's adorable. Sadly, it just doesn't add up to the 81% of people who admitted to faking it earlier in the poll.

    12. When it comes to orgasm ~ethics~, about a third of people think fake Os are fine as long as there are good intentions behind it.

    13. No one comes every single time — and some people very rarely orgasm during sex at all — so you really don't need to feel pressured to fake it.

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