17 Reasons People Who Exercise At Night Are Doing It Right

    Your bed = the ultimate post-workout treat.

    Exercising first thing in the morning can be great...for some people.

    But night exercisers know that their way is actually the best way.

    1. Because going from sleeping peacefully to performing actual physical activity is just too extreme of a transition.

    You're going to need at least 10 hours to prep, sorry.

    2. And waking up early for a workout is the surest way to make you not want to exercise.

    3. Night workouts, on the other hand, let you de-stress and unwind after a crazy day.

    4. Which means you'll have more time in the morning for sweet, sweet sleep.

    5. Night workouts let you sweat out all those frustrations and anxieties that have been building up all day.

    6. Speaking of being sweaty — you don't need to worry about getting all gross and then having to do things that require you to not be a moist mess of a person.

    Because your boss WILL ask you to run that very important presentation on the exact day you took a morning spin class and only kind of showered. Because that's how life works.

    7. Exercising at night means you probably won't have to get ready for work in a locker room.

    8. Morning workouts have the tendency to make you a ravenous beast for the rest of the day.

    When you eat right after your early morning workout, and are hungry again by 8:30am:

    Is Chipotle open at 9 a.m.?

    9. But night workouts come with the best post-workout meal ever: DINNER.

    10. Going to this bar after works means you won't go to the other kind of bar that's filled with alcohol and bad decisions.

    11. The gym is usually less crowded than it is during the morning rush. And it's filled with other late-risers like yourself.

    The feeling Gymrats get when the gym is empty💪

    These are your people. They get you.

    12. All those raging dance-cardio classes are just more appropriate after 6pm.

    13. You always have the perfect excuse to blow off that afterwork commitment or blind date that you really shouldn't have said yes to.

    14. Sure, it can take some dedication to stick to your workout whenever you're especially exhausted at the end of the day — but you know it'll be worth it.

    15. Because knocking out just one more set seems a little bit easier when you have literally nothing else to do after this.

    16. Plus, you get to reward yourself with a freaking glorious post-workout pre-bed shower.

    17. And collapse into your bed and fall asleep basically instantly because you just put in WORK.

    So go set your alarm at an actually acceptable hour, and sleep easy knowing that you won't have to "rise and grind" or any of that shit.

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