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25 Sex Things Women Actually Talk To Their Friends About

“Do you ever do this thing where…”

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We recently asked women of the BuzzFeed Community to share exactly what they talk about when they talk about sex with their friends. And they did not disappoint! Here, just a few of the many types of sex talks you’ve probably had too:


11. When you hook up with someone whose desires are…unconventional.

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Pretty much any out-of-the-ordinary request, fetish, or sex move will be discussed and debated in great detail. No judgements, but... it's a hell of a conversation starter.


17. And when you're not trying to get pregnant: how paranoid you are about the possibility of ALREADY being pregnant.

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You used a condom and you're on the pill, but you are CONVINCED you're with child.


20. When you humblebrag about the UTI you got from all the marathon sex you had last weekend.

Sorry, not sorry. But actually kinda sorry, because UTIs hurt.

22. Whenever something embarrassing happens that’s so mortifying it would be a sin not to tell someone.

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Like when you slipped during shower sex or your roommate's date walked in on you having sex... you're just not going to keep those gems to yourself.


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