Here's The Deal With Vaginal Discharge In Your Underwear

    FYI: It’s totally normal and healthy for it to show up in your underwear.

    You may have seen some tweets recently about the #PantyChallenge.

    It's referring to people snapping pictures of their squeaky-clean underwear, supposedly showing that they're free of any bodily fluids.

    She probably just bought these panties and put them halfway on just to take the pictures 😭😭😭

    Here's why that's bullshit: Vaginal discharge is a healthy, normal bodily function. And no one should be shamed for having too little or too much of it in their underwear.

    That ~vaginal moisture~ is just a mix of cervical mucus and vaginal secretions.

    The amount that shows up in your underwear can depend on a lot of factors.

    Another cool thing about discharge: It's like a vaginal barometer that tells you if something is up.

    The bottom line is that vaginal moisture is a normal physiological process.

    So instead of posting pictures of your drawers and creating yet another thing for women to be scrutinized over, let's all celebrate the self-cleaning and moisturizing prowess of vaginas.