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    25 Dog Pictures That Will Make You Say "Me With A Hangover"

    Give me water, bagels, and silence.

    1. When you just literally, physically can't.

    This is where I live now.

    2. When you forgot to bring water to bed.

    So. so. thirsty.

    3. When you wake up in bed with your sworn enemy.

    Tequila would never do this to you. Tequila loves you.

    4. And no matter how hard you try, you can't go back to sleep.

    This is what hell must be like.

    5. When you first lay eyes on a bagel.

    And promptly shove the entire thing in your face.

    6. When you get a whiff of last night's alcohol out of nowhere.

    "Was...was that...birthday cake vodka? WHY?!"

    7. When you have to go anywhere or do anything.

    *stares lifelessly into the distance*

    8. When you're basically paying rent in the bathroom at this point.

    "Does it look like I'm done in here, Debby?"

    9. When you need this and this.

    OK thanks back to bed.

    10. When you activate your deepest defense mechanisms.

    ~Become the burrito.~

    11. When it's bright. Why is it so bright?


    12. When even the sight of wine is enough to make you dry heave.

    Please get it away from me.

    13. When someone says "Get dressed, we're going to brunch."

    *makes a conscious decision not to wear a bra*

    14. When you get in the car and question if it's really legal for you to drive yet.

    How long does it take for five pomegranate martinis to clear your system? What if you also had cheese fries?

    15. When you get to brunch, but you refuse to socialize.

    "No one gives a shit who you made out with, Liz. I'm dying."

    16. When the nausea hits you out of nowhere.

    Not sure if you need fresh air or to violently vomit.

    17. When this is fine.

    "Honestly no I'm fine please don't try to move me."

    18. When you snap your current state and send it to whoever did this to you.

    "Greetings from my hangover cave."

    19. When someone asks if you're planning on staying in bed all day.

    "The fuck are you going to do about it, Greg?"

    20. When you really try to be a productive member of society.

    This is what trying looks like.

    21. When you show up to work in yesterday's clothes.

    Smelling like Jägermeister and regret.

    22. When Sharon from accounting asks if you had a big night last night.

    "Oh yeah it was fantastic SHUT UP, SHARON."

    23. When you just want to be alone with your stories.

    Please shut the door on your way out.

    24. And takeout is your new religion.

    This will heal me.

    25. But then, miraculously, when the squad suggests happy hour...

    Let's do this.

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