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    36 Oral Sex Tips That Are Actually Awesome

    None of which involve eating a doughnut off anything.

    We recently asked the members of BuzzFeed Community for their best oral sex tips.

    Here's what they had to say about making it even more awesome, whether you're on the giving or receiving end. Because when it comes to giving head, everyone should be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

    Disclaimer: There's probably no list of tips where every item will appeal to every person. So take what you like and leave the rest. Also, it's important to talk about any new or different sex things with your partner before trying them. Consent is everything; please enjoy these tips responsibly!

    1. Find a position that works for both of you.

    "If I'm giving head to a guy, then I'll sometimes ask him to sit on the edge of the bed while I do it. It's more comfortable for me, lets me deep-throat more, and he gets the aesthetic of me kneeling in front of him. It means that I can look up and he can have his hands in my hair, too."


    2. Tell your partner what you like and ask what they like — either before or during. / Via

    "Talk to them! Ask them if they like what you're doing, ask them what they want. Have an open conversation and keep that conversation going throughout the sexual experience. But most importantly, don't do anything you aren't comfortable with. You should always feel comfortable enough with anyone you're having any type of sex with to talk openly about your personal limits."


    3. Look up. / Via

    "Eye contact! It's the most important part and can feel really intimidating, but if you can stomach to look your partner in the eye, it really makes all the difference!"


    4. Be enthusiastic and have fun with it.

    "I LOVE giving oral, and I've been told that's the difference. Just enjoying it for the pleasure you can provide, paying attention to your partner's signals (audible, physical, whatever), and being fully invested in it. It's not a chore or a job."


    5. To get around a penis-induced gag reflex, try fake yawning.

    Lifetime / Via

    "Open your throat by imagining a fake yawn, but curl your tongue like a taco to hug the penis. You can practice in the mirror since your throat contracts like a muscle and you can see how it stretches wider."


    6. Or you can try this nifty hand trick.

    Casey Gueren

    "Wrapping the fingers of your left hand around your left thumb decreases or eliminates the gag reflex. And best of all, I learned this from Pinterest!"


    7. If you're going down on a vagina, learn these breathing and jaw techniques.

    Castle Rock Entertainment / Via

    "The key is to breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose. If you can learn circular breathing (something musicians who play instruments that require breath know), you can go down on a girl for hours without having to come up for air. It's actually reverse circular breathing. To make sure your tongue doesn't cramp up, keep your jaw comfortably open and loose. I've found that upward strokes under the clitoral hood where the clitoris is are one of the best motions."


    8. Go ahead and take some time to find the clitoris.

    "When going down on a girl, push the skin above the clitoris (gently) toward her if she's lying down. Moving away that skin puts more pressure on the clitoris."


    9. Use so much spit. So much.

    General Mills / Via Facebook: CinnamonToastCrunch

    "Lots of spit!! Like literally spit on that dick! For whatever reason, guys love it. And lick your hand so that it's super slippery when you need to give your lips or gag reflex a moment to rest."


    10. Or try flavored lube (water-based) if you need some extra moisture.

    "Flavored lube was the best thing we've ever tried."


    11. Get a rhythm going.

    Cheryl Cole Vevo / Via

    "Well I can't speak for everyone else, but consistency, please. You don't need the fancy tricks or the ABCs; just do one consistent motion on my clitoris and I'm almost sure to orgasm. Granted, it's not gonna happen in one minute, but if you have the tongue strength and stay down there for a bit doing the same thing — prime!"

    — Cassandra Fernandez de Aenlle, Facebook

    12. Try fake deep-throating.

    Beacon Pictures / Via

    "If you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth so it's like standing up, I guess he'll think his dick is hitting the back of your throat (it all feels the same in there?) — so yeah, he'll think it's deeper and be impressed or some shit."


    13. Or try actual deep-throating — slowly and carefully.

    "One trick I do that he calls "slow and steady wins the race" is where I slowly deep throat him, and as I bring my head back up, I'm gripping him tighter with my lips, all while massaging his balls (think playing with soft stress balls). Once in a while I'll lick and nibble on his balls. He loves it, and it turns me on as well."


    14. But also don't neglect the tip of the penis.

    3 Arts Entertainment

    "The key is to keep going back to the tip. And particularly the tip on the underside of the penis. Keep running the tongue around the tip the entire time, even when it's deep in your throat. Drives them crazy."


    15. Start slooowwwww. / Via

    "Antici…pation. Don't just dive into things. Make out a while. If you're heading south, leave kisses behind the knees, down the thighs, around the belly and just above the genitals. It heightens the sensations and builds the tension, plus if your partner has self-esteem issues, it's a way to reassure them that you love their whole body."


    16. Make a "come here" motion with your finger while going down on a vagina.

    Jenny Chang / Via

    "When you're going down on a woman, finger her at the same time. Suck the clitoris and curve your fingers up inside of her so you hit the G-spot."


    17. Get the legs in on the action.

    Little Stanger / Via

    "When I receive oral, I love when a guy locks his arms around my legs, like I can't escape the pleasure."

    — sadiem4480a859c

    18. And maybe the hands, too.

    Ashley Rose / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ashleyrosex

    "A guy once held my wrists as he was going down on me and it was awesome. Two great things: He was able to pull me closer/tighter to his face, and it kept me from thinking about moving or doing anything distracting with my hands. I had multiple orgasms."


    19. Use your tongue and the roof of your mouth to create suction on the tip of a penis.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    20. Make some noise while you're down there.

    ABC / Via

    "There's a reason porn stars make moaning noises when they give head. When you hum, or make any kind of noises when you're going down on your partner, you're making your vocal cords vibrate. It's like a vibrator built into your throat."


    21. If there are balls, really make sure they feel ~included~.

    "It's all about the balls. Don't ignore them — they're precious and pleasurable to your partner! Lightly lick them, suck them gently, run your fingers through them… Seriously, anything works! Treat them just as you would his cock and it'll make things so exhilarating for both of you."


    22. If something feels fan-fucking-tastic, let them know.

    3 Arts Entertainment / Via

    "Whether you're giving or receiving head, your partner should tell you what they do/don't like. Nothing is sexier than a guy or girl telling you that you're doing a great job, whether by moaning, pulling hair, dirty talk, or keeping your head on a particular spot for an extended amount of time."


    23. And if something is working, KEEP DOING IT.

    Lion Towers / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lion_towers

    "If she says she's close, don't stop what you're doing. Changing up technique in the middle of an orgasm can stop the whole thing."


    24. Let the person receiving head get on top.

    CW / Via

    "I lie down on the bed with my head slightly propped up and put my knees up, and my boyfriend essentially kneels above my chest. It allows him to control the speed and depth of the head, and the position also allows either of us to play with my clitoris, either with fingers or a vibrator. Fun for both of us."


    25. Throw an ice cube in your mouth if your partner is ~cool~ with that.

    Somdul / Getty Images / Via

    "I had a glass of ice put off to the side; my boyfriend at the time didn't think anything of it. As I was about to give him head (without him noticing), I popped a small ice cube into my mouth. He didn't expect it whatsoever, which was my favorite part. He loved it, and throughout our relationship, I did that every now and then to spice up the foreplay."


    26. Or put something bubbly in your mouth (before a penis).

    Netflix / Via

    "A mouth full of champagne or soda (anything carbonated, really) while giving oral sex to a person with a penis. Just remember to breathe through your nose!"


    27. Massage that area between the balls and the butt...really.

    blueringmedia / Getty Images / Via

    "It's all about the perineum — that's the area between the balls and the anus on a guy. While you are going down on him, make a fist with one of your free hands and then use the flat part of your fist to gently, but firmly, massage that area in a rolling motion. If you do it right, you'll hit that sweet spot underneath on his prostate. That, coupled with the simultaneous oral action, and he'll be thanking you the rest of the night!"


    28. Try for simultaneous sucking and licking.

    "What works best for my girlfriend is when I wrap my arms around her thighs and get my face as close as I can and I open my mouth around her clitoris and just move my tongue back and forth while sucking it at the same time. Works like a charm!"


    29. Use the underside of your tongue, which is super-soft feeling.


    "I stick the tip of my boyfriend's penis UNDERNEATH my tongue. I know it sounds strange, but follow me: The really soft skin under your tongue apparently feels very similar to a vagina. With the tip under the tongue, you can massage the whole tip with it. Just be careful with your teeth!"

    — Ceide Marcelle, Facebook

    30. Just do all sorts of different things with your tongue.

    "I alternate between using the tip and flat surface of my tongue on the clitoris and then actually sticking my tongue inside. My girl has told me it'll make you believe in god."


    31. Use your hands and gauge your partner's response to which motions feel the best.

    "Just because it's called oral sex doesn't mean you only have to use your mouth. Be sure to use your hands as well, and pay attention to the movements that give you the best reactions. Not everyone is sensitive in exactly the same areas, and some may be too sensitive in certain areas."


    32. Give your hands their own rhythm, separate from what your mouth is doing.

    NBC / Via

    "When it come to eating pussy, my biggest tip is be able to keep to different rhythms, one with your mouth and the other with your hands/fingers, simultaneously. Apparently people struggle with this more than you'd think. It's almost like a rubbing your belly and tapping your head kind of thing."


    33. Maybe even add a little teeth in GENTLY.

    "My man is circumcised, so not sure how it would work for intact people. But I alternate mostly between (GENTLY!) scraping my teeth along his shaft and pulsing my tongue against the bottom/base of his head. It drives him absolutely wild — he says it makes him orgasm so hard he sees stars!"


    34. Have an ~exit strategy~ for the cum. / Via

    "Know how and where he wants to come in advance, and don't stop when he's coming. Ramp it down after he comes, nuzzle, lick, nibble, etc., as he goes soft."


    35. Think about how cool it is to be getting or giving so much awesomeness.

    "When I'm giving oral, I have as much fun with it as I can. This is a powerful position to be in, and I look at it as a privilege to induce such pleasure. If I'm receiving, I focus very much on enjoying myself and being present in the moment and letting go of my perfectionistic lifestyle. While giving is a power trip, receiving is vulnerable and requires trust."


    36. Remember that your genitals are really fucking great.

    "I had to let go of some vagina stigma too, assuming unless I was shower fresh, he wouldn't want to. But my husband likes to do it even when I come home from the gym. Letting that go was probably the most important thing I personally did to ensure I always enjoy it.

    We've been together forever, and when people ask me what our secret is, I say, 'We put each other's genitals in our mouths, a lot.'"


    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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