Gonorrhea Might Get Harder To Treat And That Is Terrifying

    The latest data from the CDC shows emerging resistance to the current treatment method.

    The CDC issued a report today warning that antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea is likely going to happen if we don't get our shit together.

    Gonorrhea is a super common sexually transmitted infection (STI) that's often symptomless.

    Right now, the recommended treatment is a combination of two antibiotics: a shot of ceftriaxone and a prescription for azithromycin.

    Though there are currently no actual cases of drug-resistant gonorrhea infections, the CDC found that a resistance to azithromycin is emerging.

    So even though this dual-treatment method works now, we need to take steps to make sure it stays that way.

    It's also a good reminder to use protection, get tested, and talk to your sex partners about STIs.

    If you're diagnosed — don't freak out — gonorrhea is still treatable with the recommended dual-treatment method.