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    13 Brutally Honest E-Cards For Anyone Who Loves Birth Control

    Babies are cute, thank you please.

    If you're someone who feels #blessed for birth control, there are now e-cards that will speak to you on a very real level.

    @PlannedParenthood / Via

    The cards are part of the #ThxBirthControl campaign from, an online guide to contraception that's run by The National Campaign To Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

    So if you're one of the 99% of sexually active women in the U.S. who has ever used a form of birth control, you might like some of these:

    1. This card that completely understands your current priorities:

    2. This one that's for anyone who isn't quite ready to procreate yet:

    3. This card that celebrates how not pregnant you are:

    4. This card that says you're pretty much already a parent thankyouverymuch:

    5. The card that just gets right down to it:

    6. And this one that knows your sex life doesn't need to lead to another life right now:

    7. This card that celebrates some damn good reasons to love contraception:

    8. This one for cool aunts everywhere:

    9. This card for anyone who likes being in control of their life and their body:

    10. This card that just wants to save people money:

    11. This card for parents who are not ready for another small human in diapers anytime soon:

    12. This acknowledgement that you might want one of those little humans someday, just not right now:

    13. And this card for all your thirsty needs:

    Minus pregnancy, please.

    People are also tweeting their support today with the hashtag #ThxBirthControl.

    Because I have enough to worry about. #ThxBirthControl

    "The overall mission is to increase positive conversation around birth control," a spokesperson from Bedsider told BuzzFeed Life. "It gives men and women the opportunity to say thanks to birth control for all the things it has made possible."

    My fur baby is still an only child. #ThxBirthControl

    By the way, you can buy these shirts from Bedsider here.

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