Here's What Everyone Got Wrong About That Male Birth Control Study

    Sorry, folks. It wasn't canceled because the guys were being wimps.

    A new study found that hormonal birth control shots for men could be highly effective at preventing pregnancy.

    That's pretty awesome news. But all anyone can talk about is how the study ended in 2011 after significant side effects were reported.

    Here's why they actually stopped the study:

    The most frequently reported side effects included acne, increased libido, injection site pain, muscle pain, and mood disorders.

    Sure, some men dropped out of the study due to side effects. But that's normal for any study.

    So to say this study was called off because men couldn't handle the same side effects women experience on hormonal birth control just isn't accurate.

    And about those mood's true that many women experience them while on hormonal birth control, and you should absolutely talk to your doctor if that's the case.

    Sure, it sucks that we're not closer to having a male birth control option, but shaming the men and researchers involved in these studies probably won't help.