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26 Genius Tricks To Help You Deal With Too Much Stress

Welcome to the chill zone.

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1. Use to put your stressful thoughts in a shrinking star and watch them fade, fade, fade away.

This very cool and relaxing website will lead you on a one-minute guided meditation meant to help you put things in perspective.

2. Hang out in this restorative yoga pose for a bit.

Lauren Zaser / Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed / Via

Ahhh yes.

And if you really want to take your ~stress relief~ to optimal levels of relaxation, this is actually the third step in a three-part yoga sequence. Learn all three soothing moves here: The Best Three Yoga Poses for Stress Relief.

3. Use MyCalmBeat app to slow your breathing and calm your nerves.

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This app forces you to focus on your breath, which will help clear your mind and calm you down. Match your ins and outs to the lungs filling and emptying on the screen. In. Out. In. Out. There, doesn't that feel better?


4. Use two tennis balls to get rid of that tension headache.

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Hold them in your hands, put them behind your head, and lie on your back. Roll your head back and forth and up and down and enjoy that sweet, sweet release.


Here's the sun salutation in action:

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10. Try this 2-minute meditation on self-love and acceptance.

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Guided by Deepak Chopra, for Sonima.

11. Or this 4-minute meditation for better sleep.

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Also guided by Deepak Chopra for Sonima.

12. Or have a go at this 10-minute meditation for overcoming obstacles and frustrations.

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It's also from Sonima.

13. Find a mantra; whisper it to yourself until you can feel it.

17. Use the Rainy Mood app to create some ultra-chill ambient noise.

Good for silencing the buzz of open-office environments, and also just life in general.


19. Create an "ego boost" email folder or shoebox.

Anytime someone gives you a compliment via email (or in real life), put it in the folder, or write it on a notecard and stick it in the shoebox. Then when you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with life and things, read them all again. Instant ego boost.

21. Maybe set aside a few minutes to read through this story about starting therapy, and think about if it might be for you.

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Food for thought, especially if you feel overwhelmed by your stress and anxiety and don't really know what to do about it.


23. Or spend some time admiring these soothing nature Vines.

So nature. So soothing.

24. Cook up something tasty and healthy.

Cooking can be a very meditative and relaxing experience. And eating healthy will make you feel like you're doing what you can to take care of yourself. Here's a helpful chart from KidSpot so you can make sure you get your veggies just right. You can also check out 27 diagrams that make cooking so much easier, if it helps!