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27 Reasons Why Nurses Are Secretly Angels Living Among Us

So many poop stories, so little time.

1. They work 10- or 12-hour shifts, often without breaks.

Actually, make that 13 hours.

2. Those 10- or 12-hour shifts? They might just start at 6 am. OR AT 6 PM.

3. They have no idea what they’re about to encounter literally every time they go to work.

4. Except they know for sure that they will be doing paperwork. Lots and lots of it.

5. They’re usually taking care of about six (or more) patients at any given time…

6. ...but people still expect them to show up the second they ring the call bell.

7. Sometimes they're working so hard, they can go entire shifts without eating, drinking water, or sitting.

8. Ditto going to the bathroom.

9. Some patients will incessantly hit on them.

10. Others will expose themselves for no clear medical reason.

11. And random people will inevitably stop them on the street to ask them questions that are definitely TMI.

12. Being a nurse can make it really hard to maintain friendships outside of work.

13. And don't even start about actual romantic relationships.

14. ...but at least they know other nurses will get their jokes, even if their non-nurse friends don't.

15. Because nurses are all completely desensitized to body fluids.

16. And they don't even notice horrible smells anymore.

17. They can all tell you horrific stories about explosive vomit.

18. And they all definitely have stories about poop.

19. In fact, on any given day, it’s a distinct possibility that they’ll get someone else’s poop on their shoes.

20. And they will all nod with understanding if you use the term “splash zone.”

21. People seem to be confused a lot about what exactly nurses do.

22. And they're always being treated like doctors' "assistants." Or, even more infuriating, like they just aren't "smart enough" to be a doctor...

23. ...when the truth is a LOT more complicated.

24. Nurses genuinely care about their patients, and want to help however they can.

25. They witness pain, heartache, and death on a daily basis — and they have to be the strong ones every time.

26. They work their asses off to help people, but sometimes that still isn't enough to save someone's life.

27. And they are totally and completely brave. They're willing to risk their own lives to help perfect strangers.

Seriously, though — have you hugged a nurse lately?

Special thanks to Scrubs Mag, Confessions of a Nurse, and Nursing Problems for inspiration for this post!