22 Small But Important Lessons Most People Learn The Hard Way

    Sometimes learning things the hard way is the only way. Inspired by this Reddit thread.

    1. Don't make fun of how someone laughs or eats — they may never want to do either one around you again.

    2. No one has the answers, and everyone is faking it most of the time.

    3. If you ever have to put down a beloved pet, stay with them in the room until it's over.

    4. You can and should end toxic friendships, even if you've been friends for your whole life.

    5. It's totally OK to fail, or to be bad at something.

    6. No one is invincible.

    7. Don't be a jerk.

    8. Buy clothes that fit you NOW, not clothes you hope will fit after you lose weight in the future.

    9. Form your own opinions about people — don't just believe what other people are saying about them.

    10. Live below your means, and always try to save something out of every paycheck if you can.

    11. Don't play hard to get.

    12. Only ever have sex with people who have given enthusiastic consent.

    13. Measure your front door and stairwells before you buy that couch.

    14. If you're always complaining about drama, you might just be the one who's creating it.

    15. Talk to your family and loved ones as often as possible when they're alive — because they won't always be.

    16. Everyone is as uncomfortable and uncertain as you are.

    17. Your parents are fallible humans and make mistakes sometimes, and that's OK.

    18. Never assume malicious intentions if you haven't yet ruled out mistakes, incompetence, neglect, or plain old thoughtlessness.

    19. It may feel like the end of the world now, but it very likely won't feel so terrible in 10 years.

    20. Be kind to yourself.

    21. Just remember that you broke up with that person for a reason.

    22. No one is paying that much attention to what you do — so do what you want and what makes you happy!