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22 Small But Important Lessons Most People Learn The Hard Way

Sometimes learning things the hard way is the only way. Inspired by this Reddit thread.

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2. No one has the answers, and everyone is faking it most of the time.

The older you get, the more absurd it seems that you once thought people your current age were "adults" who "have their shit together."


8. Buy clothes that fit you NOW, not clothes you hope will fit after you lose weight in the future.

12. Only ever have sex with people who have given enthusiastic consent.

15. Talk to your family and loved ones as often as possible when they're alive — because they won't always be.

18. Never assume malicious intentions if you haven't yet ruled out mistakes, incompetence, neglect, or plain old thoughtlessness.

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Most people are not trying to be assholes, and most people are also totally fallible.

21. Just remember that you broke up with that person for a reason.