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    The Best Sex Positions To Check Your Partner For Cancer

    From the Cancer Sutra website: "This project exists to help save lives. (One tweak, thrust, moan, and pant at a time." (Warning: 'Toons of sex positions ahead!)

    The Cancer Sutra is a project that reminds people to check themselves and their partners for signs of cancer. Because in many cases, the earlier you detect cancer, the easier it will be to treat.

    This position is called The Nutty Professor. You can check your partner's balls for testicular cancer using this saucy move.

    This is the Cat (or Matt) Scan. It's a great position to eyeball your partner's skin for any new and suspicious-looking moles.

    And this one's called the Ultrabound Test. You can give your partner's boobs a squeeze and a look-see to check for any unusual or suspicious signs of breast or skin cancer.

    Big super-important caveat here: The Cancer Sutra is NOT giving you actual or legitimate medical advice.