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This Dad Photoshopped His Daughter Into "Marginally Dangerous" Situations And People Are Shook

"Just wait until the child is old enough to photoshop you into marginally negligent nursing home facilities."

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Stephen and his 18-month-old daughter, Hannah, have had an intense year and a half.

Hannah had a very rare condition called hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) and required a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy. From the age of 4 months, she was in and out of the hospital.

"Of the 27 million worldwide donors, three were deemed suitable," Stephen told BuzzFeed News. "An anonymous German lady donated."

Because Hannah missed out on so much "normal stuff" at the beginning of her life, Stephen now takes a bunch of photos. Recently, Stephen decided to have a little bit of fun, and to worry his family, by photoshopping Hannah into some "precarious situations".


People were quick to point out that, outside of the context of his Reddit post, many would think this was just bad parenting.