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    27 Times The World Was Not On Tall Peoples' Side


    1. When you accidentally walk into something head first and it shakes you to your core.

    @BrandonDotson_ / Via

    Tree branches, lamps, door frames, shelves, you naaame it.

    2. When you can't hear people in crowded places because you're too high up.

    So someone has to get on the other's level — obviously it's us.

    3. When walking through an attic or a basement means tucking your head into your chest and hunching your shoulders forward AF.

    @livingmilebymile / Via

    4. When waist height for other people is knee height for you.

    @valeriej0nes / Via Twitter: @valeriej0nes

    Is that for handwashing or footwashing? IDK.

    5. When all this bending down to leads to bad posture.

    Siphotography / Via

    It's a cruel, cruel world.

    6. When your head doesn't make it into all the pics.

    @kacieaton / Via Twitter: @kacieaton

    But hey, at least your outfit looked nice.

    7. But maybe it evens out since in other pics it's just your head.

    We found it. We found the head, everybody!

    8. When people you haven't seen in awhile ask if you've gotten taller.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    But when you last saw them, you were an adult. So no, unless all that stretching you've been doing has elongated you, you did not get taller.

    9. When you can't find a shirt/top that fits just right.


    10. And when you found out one-size-fits-all clothes are a complete myth.

    @madeinargentina1986 / Via

    Fake news! A hoax!

    11. When ANOTHER person tells you you're tall and thinks they're breaking major news.

    @tangos_mom / Via

    I've only been living this tall life for about 12 years already.

    12. Aaaand the neverending nicknames you get based on your height.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    Personally: Tree, Paul Bunyan, and Jolly Green Giant.

    13. When you're asked how the weather is up there.

    Reza Farazmand / Via

    TBH it's not much different! But how about we pretend the rain hits me first.

    14. When the millionth person asks you to reach something for them.

    But you're either really busy with something else or just relaxing.

    15. When everyone assumes you not only play basketball, but you're good at it, too.

    "Tall for nothing," some might say. Well you know what...*runs away crying*

    16. When your height gives you presence in a room that you never asked for.

    Touchstone Pictures / Via

    And you instantly become the center of attention.

    17. When you can't sit down at a restaurant without accidentally kicking someone at the table.

    Or hurting yourself by kneeing the table's legs.

    18. And when there's literally no room for your legs on a plane or bus.

    @rluttikhuizen / Via Twitter: @rluttikhuizen

    You're fucked if the person in front of you reclines their seat.

    19. Not to mention you might not even be able to pull the tray fully down.

    So it just lays there slanted on your knees — useless.

    20. When you jump into a shower somewhere new and discover the shower head is below your head.

    @asher_adams / Via Twitter: @asher_adams

    So you're either shooting water sideways or uncomfortably bending down.

    21. When you have to choose between soaking your upper body or lower body in a bath.

    @JDcakes / Via Twitter: @JDcakes

    Never ever ever both.

    22. Or when you have to make a similar choice in order to look at yourself in the mirror.

    @perdonut_ / Via

    You're almost never looking at your whole body.

    23. When your whole body won't fit on the bed.

    Twin size beds and footboards are OUT OF THE QUESTION.

    24. Or under a blanket.

    @AdrianRZ_ / Via Twitter: @AdrianRZ_

    Which body part will I sacrifice to the cold tonight?

    25. Or when you crash at a friends house but their couch is only half the size of your body.

    @melanie_mrtz25 / Via Twitter: @melanie_mrtz25

    So you improvise.

    26. When it's raining, so you have to dodge umbrellas that come dangerously close to poking out your eyes.

    It's a minefield out there.

    27. And finally, when people get mad at you for blocking their view at shows/concerts.

    But it's not even your fault because your shorter friends wanted to be in the front. Also, genetics.

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