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16 Skincare Products Real Dudes Swear By

Because men's skin needs some lovin', too.

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We asked men of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which skincare products they swear by. Here are some they said work wonders on their skin.

And just a note: While you might find that some of these products are great for your skin, it's always a good idea to get a dermatologist's recommendations first — they're pros at this kinda stuff, so they know what works best.

1. This shaving cream for when you've had enough of all the razor burns and bumps, and you're not gonna take it anymore!

"I have very sensitive skin and always had to deal with razor burn (among other things). Someone gifted me HIMistry Green Tea shaving cream. I was skeptical to use it because it didn't foam like all the others I had tried, but I have been so happy with it that I bought it again when I ran out. It's a little more expensive than the basic Gillette stuff you can get at any store, but it's worth it."


Get it from Amazon for $14.76.

3. This cleanser that'll wash away the oil without drying out your skin.

"For three years now, I have been a devotee of Clearasil Rapid Action Daily Face Wash. It's a cream, but it's super light and really feels great on the skin. I leave it on for 1-2 minutes in the shower while I'm shampooing my hair. It leaves my face with this really pleasant cool feeling and once I get out of the shower, my face feels less oily — but without feeling incredibly dried out. It really helps prevent breakouts and makes me feel comfortable throughout the day!"


Get it from Jet for $6.97.


4. Or this cost-effective cleanser that'll get rid of the oil everywhere, from your face to your bald head.

"My husband started using the Equate version of Neutrogena's oil-free face wash and he's stuck to it. He works outdoors and sweats A LOT, so his skin is always really oily. This stuff works for him and makes him happy — even more so because it's super cheap. Not only does it take the oil off his face, it takes it off his shaven bald head as well."


Get it from Walmart for $3.67.

5. This charcoal bar that cleans away oil AND exfoliates.,

"I use the Biore Charcoal Bar. It's only a couple of dollars and it works wonders for my skin. I break out little-to-never since I started using this product."


Get it from Target for $5.69.

6. Or this charcoal scrub that'll invade your pores and clear dead skin, leaving your face soft and bright.

"I absolutely love Tsururi Pore Peeling. It literally takes the dead skin off your face, revealing glowing, soft skin."


Get it from Amazon for $9.96.


8. This chamomile hydrating mask that'll go easy on your sensitive skin.

"I have very sensitive skin, and I've gotten quite a bit of scarring from acne a few years ago. Aesop's Blue Chamomile Hydrating Mask is SO GOOD for soothing my sensitive skin."


Get it from Aesop for $55.00.

9. This sponge that'll help to rehydrate severely dry skin from eczema.

"I have horrible eczema, so I use a Pure White Konjac sponge to help cleanse and rehydrate my skin. You can get them in packs on Amazon."


Get a pack of two from Amazon for $9.99.

11. Or this one, which only requires a tiny bit to make a huge difference.

"I've always had problems with dry skin and breaking out, especially on my face. I was hesitant to try out just any moisture creams on my face for fear of breaking out or my face turning red from irritation, then I started using Laneige Hydrating Gel. Sure it might be a little feminine or girly for some guys out there, but this shit works wonders on my face. I've been using it for the past year and my face has not broken out (except for the occasional zit). I always put a little on my face after showering, and it leaves my face feeling nice and moist without the oily feeling for the whole day."


Get it from Amazon for $27.95.


12. These two creams that'll leave your face feeling moisturized and rejuvenated.,

"Literally the entire Kiehl's Facial Fuel line. The moisturizer and the Eye Alert eye cream can make your hungover zombie face look like you got a full night's rest faster then you can come up with an excuse to call out of work."


Get the Eye Alert for $22.50 and the moisturizer for $25.00 from Kiehl's.

13. And this facial cream that does double duty protecting your skin from oil and sun damage.

"I won't leave home without applying Eucerin Sun Fluid Mattifying SPF 50+. It's wonderful. First of all, it offers good sun protection. Second, it does not leave your face looking oily."


Get it from Amazon for $28.99.

14. This revitalizing lotion, which smells so delicious you'll want to rub it alllll over your body.

"I use Lush Charity Pot for my skin. It's filled with ylang ylang and rosewood and cocoa butter. I've gotten so many compliments on how smooth my skin is and how nice I smell!"


Get the 8.4 oz. container from LUSH for $27.95.

15. This oil concentrate that will breathe new life into your skin all day, no matter the issues it has.

"I have a few products I swear by, but Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate is where it’s at right now. I’ve dealt with acne, dryness, peeling, uneven skin tone, and a whole bunch of other shit for years and years. And while some products came through, none really made my skin look healthy. I’ve been using the concentrate for about three weeks and now I receive compliments on a daily basis. Never before had anyone said my skin is 'glowing,' but I might as well be the fucking sun now. I hear it regularly and it feels amazing!


Get a 1 oz. bottle from Kiehl's for $46.00.


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This post has been updated to include the recently changed name and photo of Laneige Hydrating Gel. It was previously called Water Bank Moisture Cream.