16 Small Things You Can Do To Get Through The Cold, Dark Winter

    Don't let the cabin fever get to you.

    With it getting colder outside and the sun setting at a disrespectfully early hour, there's probably something we can all agree on: The winter kiiinda sucks.

    So we asked the BuzzFeed Community and Dr. Lois Krahn, a practicing psychiatrist and sleep medicine specialist, how to cope, and they all had some great tips. But before we show you them, here's something to note: Some of these tips might work better than others, especially if you have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) — a type of depression that typically comes with the changing seasons. So take what appeals to you, and leave the rest.

    OK, let's go!

    1. Make it a point to get outside during the day, whether it's for lunch, to go for a walk, or even just to drive around for a bit.

    2. Plan an activity that — after a long day — you can't wait to do once you get home.

    3. Light some candles and let the ambiance soothe you.

    4. Or snuggle up under a warm, cozy heated blanket.

    5. Cuddle up with your best pet friend.

    6. Think about investing in a light box — one that's bright enough to mimic the intensity of the sun.

    7. Or try out an alarm clock that also simulates the sunrise.

    8. Try to make up for the lack of sunshine by taking vitamin D supplements, since they might help your mood.

    9. Leave all your warm clothes by the door so that there's no way you'll forget them when going out into the cold.

    10. Put up some fairy lights; they're not just for decorating Christmas trees.

    11. Plan fun activities around warm places (besides your house).

    12. Create a space thats cozy AF for all your senses, and then curl up in it with your favorite book.

    13. Find a winter thing that you love doing outside.

    14. Explore the concept of hygge, and identify all the places you can employ it.

    15. Actually LIVE for the holidays. (And don't stress yourself out about them, either.)

    16. And finally, just have sex — because, hey, that's one way to stay warm and comfy.

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