11 Things To Know About Getting High Before a Workout

    It can be a very hazy subject.

    Ever heard of runner's high? That moment when you're so focused and free, and running becomes less painful and more awesome. But...why wait for that, when you can just get high before stepping out?

    Just so you know, there haven't been any clinical studies testing the effects of marijuana on exercise.

    1. First and foremost, you should understand your relationship with weed — how it affects your mind and body specifically.

    2. The amount you smoke before working out should be much smaller than the amount you'd smoke otherwise.

    3. Oh, and if you're a total noob at marijuana, you might want to think twice before microdosing and exercising.

    4. Marijuana can help you tolerate discomfort, so you may be able to bust out more reps or go the extra mile on the treadmill.

    5. It can help you dial in on focus, so you get in the zone faster.

    6. It can also make your workout wayyy more fun.

    7. It might even speed up your recovery, which could help with performance and results.

    8. Btw, you can probably just use CBD extract to get all this done, but, if possible (and legal!), using the whole plant is preferred.

    9. While smoking weed might make the most sense for getting it in your body, it's not really ~healthy~.

    10. Herbal vaporizers and sublingual tinctures might be best if you're looking for non-smoking options.

    11. And just a warning: You probably shouldn't try any of this if you're under 18, have heart issues, or you're participating in fast-paced sports.

    OK, now get out there and work on those gains!