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    We Need To Talk About This Sticker For Your Dick

    It goes right on the pee hole.

    Meet the Jiftip, a sticker for the tip of your penis.

    If that sounds like a not-super-reliable way to prevent pregnancy or maybe a social media hoax, you're not the only one who thinks so. People are...skeptical.

    They were also concerned with the tearjerking pain it might cause when you rip it off.

    As well as potentially contracting sexually transmitted infections and getting pregnant.

    Despite the safety concerns, many of Jiftip's early adopters — aka "beta testers" — are, according to the company, using it instead of condoms.

    To understand the actual effectiveness and safety of the Jiftip, BuzzFeed Health spoke to urologist Dr. Paul Gittens of the Center for Sexual Medicine.

    First of all, the Jiftip definitely won't protect you from STIs.

    And it probably won't protect you from pregnancy either, even if you pull out.

    Ripping it off might also cause more problems than just a few shed tears.

    Ultimately, Gittens says the whole point of using anything is to protect yourself against STIs and pregnancy, and despite the message Jiftip is trying to send, condoms are the most effective pregnancy and STI prevention method.

    So there you have it, don't tape your dick up, y'all. Use a condom!

    BuzzFeed Health has reached out to Jiftip for comment.