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12 Tips For Getting Shit Done And Completely Owning 2017

Forget resolutions. Let's set real goals.

We made it, y'all — it's officially 2017!

1. First, clearly define what you want to accomplish.

2. Break up big goals or assignments into little, actually doable chunks.

3. If you've got a lot you want or need to do, list it all in order of priority.

4. Schedule your most important stuff early in the day.

5. Set some ground rules for when you check email, apps, and social media.

6. Politely say "no" more often.

7. Write stuff down all the time.

8. Save some time for when ~shit happens~.

9. Don't obsess over everything being perfect.

10. Find some role models that motivate you.

11. Take mindful breaks instead of just marathon-ing through a task.

12. Reward yourself when you actually do the work.

Now get out there and own 2017!