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23 Ridiculous And Terrifying Health Questions People Have Actually Googled

"If I sneeze with my eyes open, will they fall out?"

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most random and ridiculous health questions they've ever asked Dr. Google. Here are some of the best ones.

1. "Will I die from drinking hot sauce?"

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2. "Why does my vagina smell like canned cat food?"

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3. "If I sneeze with my eyes open, will they fall out?"


4. "Why do my boobs smell like cheese?"

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"I went to a Tennessee during the hottest part of the summer while seven months pregnant. This unfortunately coincided with my milk starting to come in and I got a rash on my boobs. The combination of sweat and milk production gave me a fungal infection."


5. "Hard lump in vagina, ingrown penis?"

6. "Can you blow out your brain through your nose?"


"I blew out a weird pink chunk from my nose when I had a cold once. I know it's dumb now, but it was a really bad cold and I was delirious."


7. "Why did pregnancy make my boobs look like vampire titties?"


"i.e. all blue marbled and stony looking."


8. Can the brown parts on bananas give you cancer?"

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9. "Can you catch a cold from talking to someone with a cold on the phone?"

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10. "Can you die from not peeing for two days?"

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11. "If I swallow my tongue ring, will it affect my baby?"

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12. "Peeing poop out your butthole"

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"I had food poisoning for the first time in my life and had explosive diarrhea. I mean it was bad. I honestly thought i was dying."


13. "Can a concussion cause period delays?"

14. "Can you get cancer from eating a tumor?"

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15. "Can birth control make your butt hairy?"

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16. "What percent of your sweat is pee?"

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17. "Can you poop out your large intestine?"

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18. "What happens if you get a booger in your eye?"

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19. "Why do my burps taste like pickles when I didn't eat pickles?"

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20. "Earliest signs of pregnancy"

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"Doesn't sound ridiculous until you factor in the fact that I wear an IUD and my boyfriend and I haven't had actual sex because he has penis problems."


21. "Why do my hands ache when I pee?"

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22. "Chemical burn on my vag from Nair. Will it fall off?"

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—Tanya Cecilia-aDeen, Facebook

23. "What does arsenic poisoning feel like?"

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"I thought my brother tried to kill me. Turns out I had blood clots in my lung."


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