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21 Problems Everyone With Oily Skin Will Recognize

I'm actually not wearing any highlighter!

1. You've got oily skin. So oily that you look a little like this when you wake up in the morning.

2. People constantly ask why you're sweating so much...

3. ...or why you have Vaseline all over your face.

4. It's even worse when you've got gigantic pores as well. #ThanksForNothingGod

5. You have already tried everything to combat the puddles of oil that collect on your face. Like stupid, painful skin peels, for example.

6. And every other product that's been invented to combat oil...

7. "Do I look shiny?" is your go-to question. Always and everywhere.

8. And the answer is almost always yes!

9. Your nose is the worst....

10. ...and your forehead...


12. In the summer, your life is especially unbearable, because the oil mixes with sweat adds to your ***natural*** super-glow.

13. And then you meet those people who suggest that you simply wash your skin more often.

14. And when you read everywhere that oily skin can be treated with oil, you are completely confused.

15. Of course, you're never without your secret weapon.

16. And you know all the other little tricks. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

Yes, that's the back of a receipt. Yes, that works.

17. And even though it's disgusting, you can't help feeling a little proud when you're done wiping yourself down.

18. You leave your traces everywhere. For example, on your cell phone.

19. But also on other people's glasses when you hug them.

Sorry, Tina.

20. As your skin is prone to acne, you sometimes feel like you're in your teens.

21. But there's always a silver lining! At least you don't need to spend money on a highlighter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯