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13 Things Every Indian Has Done While Studying

You'd make a timetable and immediately break it.

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As a human being, I’m assuming you’d have studied some subject or the other at some point in your life. Now, at the time of sitting down to actually do it, you'd think everything would go peachy keen. BUT. You would be wrong.

Let me take you down a journey of everything you've experienced while trying to "mug" for an exam.

1. Highlighting portions, thinking it'd be easier to remember, but knowing in your heart of hearts that's not true.

2. Checking in with friends to ask how much they've studied already.

3. And then lying when they ask you how much you've done.

4. Taking a snack break every five minutes, and justifying it by saying you need to keep your strength up.

5. Giving yourself a deadline to finish some part of the syllabus.

6. And then not following it.

7. Really, really not following it.

8. And then realising that you have less time in the day, so reducing the time given to each section.

Not your fault, 24 hours is wayyy too little.
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Not your fault, 24 hours is wayyy too little.

9. You find literally any way to entertain yourself.

10. Did I mention you snack a lot?

11. You've dozed off in between, and slept through all your new deadlines.

12. Then proceeded to panic because you have no more time to cover anything.

13. Before going to bed you find out how much everyone else has finished.

14. And finally, you set a whole bunch of alarms because obviously you'd wake up early and finish everything.

You never do though. You never do.
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You never do though. You never do.

For ultra feels about the trials and tribulations of studying, watch this 100 second video:

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