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    Everybody Needs To Read This Simple Way To Understand Consent

    Seriously, pay attention.

    On Aug. 16, Twitter user Nafisa Ahmed wrote a nine-tweet thread using the example of borrowing $5 to explain consent to men. And literally everybody should take note.

    Here we go. Pay attention.

    The thread was super simple but has resonated with thousands; it's been retweeted over 12,000 times and shared steadily since it was first tweeted last month.

    Ahmed told BuzzFeed that she never expected her thread to blow up. "I was just expressing frustrations I experienced in my daily life and the reaction I’d seen from some men in regards to rape accusations against a celebrity," she said.

    She also added that there has been overwhelming support from both genders, but there have been a ton of men who have been behaving as "rape apologists". "In fact, I’ve been harassed online, and rape jokes and threats have been made against me," she said.

    That is all.