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A Woman Created A Powerful Photo Series For Everyone Telling Women To "Dress Appropriately"

Artist Ruby created the series as a response to a Facebook group that warned Hindu women, who attended a religious ceremony, that they would be attacked with paint if they "dressed inappropriately".

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About a month ago, a Facebook group warned Hindu women to expect getting sprayed with aerosol paint should they be "inappropriately dressed" at a Thaipusam (a devotional Hindu festival) event that happened on February 9 in Malaysia.

Ruby told BuzzFeed that while some people agreed the message was absurd, there were many that agreed with the warning and that women should indeed dress safer.

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"I reported the page when I first heard about this, but there wasn't much activity anyway. It's a small page on Facebook. But it sparked a conversation. It got me thinking," Ruby said.


"I believe ancient goddess archetypes can be useful to women today, in understanding their modern-day reality and concerns," Ruby wrote in a Facebook post.

Vinoth Raj Pillai

"Giving a contemporary artistic spin to the elements present in each of the goddesses, I hope to have more people understand the role of women in Indian culture," she added.

Ruby told BuzzFeed that people have been sending her positive messages, thanking her for the whole project.

Vinoth Raj Pillai

"What started as a comeback, took a whole new life and became an empowering message to women to own back their bodies."

Andre Borges is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.

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